Why You Should Be Sure Your Website Developer Uses Mood Boards

There are many reasons why you should be sure your website developer uses mood boards as part of their standard operating procedure. They create an ease of communication when it comes to design, they cut down on the project frustration level and they make the entire website development process go faster.

Mood boards are used to facilitate the design process. They are generally collages with different bits of inspiration such as images, fabrics, items etc. which come together to form a “mood”.  Designers use them to convey the mood or the “look & feel” of a project to their customers. They are the foundation for new projects.

Stafford Technologies Website Development Mood Board ExampleFor website development projects mood boards are usually digital collages of color patterns, textures, fonts, imagery and more that are used to start the design process. They are used to bridge the gap between the website developer’s technical jargon and the image you have in your head of your new website or the feeling you would like your brand to portray.

Communicating a mood or a look & feel can be difficult at best. Using a mood board will allow the website developer to express their vision of your new website and be sure that you are on the same page aesthetically. This keeps you involved in the process and, believe it or not, professional website developers want and value your input.

With your input at these early stages of the process an incredible amount of time is saved in the design process avoiding the endless back & forth of edit after edit. Your frustration level will be lowered and the project will move along a lot faster.

Mood boards should be included in the standard operating procedure of any website development company, especially the one you choose for your next project. Don’t be afraid to ask up front if it is. If it’s not, find someone else to take care of your project. You will save yourself weeks of frustration and communicate the look and feel you want to portray for your brand.

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