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Ridding the world
of website shame

We help small businesses create brands and websites that measure up to their hard-earned reputations so they turn website visitors into paying customers.

Convert More Visitors

Win More Customers

Make More Money

Is your website dragging you down?

Are you...

embarrassed knowing they looked at your website?

Are you...

angry because your website is losing you business?

Are you...

tired of your brand making you look like an amateur?

Are you tired of a lackluster brand and boring website that are as exciting as watching paint dry? Stop losing to your competitors because of your poorly planned brand and website…

Being in business is hard enough and you deserve better. It’s time for your brand and website to represent you as the expert you are.

Don’t get screwed… Get a plan!

Say goodbye to website shame & hello to standing out!

Get the plan you need to create a brand and website that showcases your expertise and helps you standout from the crowd as the professional you are.

Attract Better Clients

Showcase your expertise so your top prospect's first impression is great.

Close More Business

Better prospects means better deals and more closed business.

Done-for-you Solution

We plan it. We design it. We write it. We publish it. You do what you do best.

Market With Confidence

With pride in your website you can confidently go after your target market.

Start with a plan...
The Brand Schematic™

The Stafford Technologies Brand Schematic™ is a deep-dive where we get to know everything about your business – where you are, where you’ve been, and where you want to go – and then we’ll give you the plan you need to build the brand you want.

It will include everything you need to move your brand forward including a detailed plan to start dominating your market immediately.

It’s like hiring an architect to plan your brand and website for only $695.00.

When we deliver your plan, you can break ground on your own or hire us as your design-build team to take care of it for you. If you hire us for the build, the full cost of the Brand Schematic™ is applied to your Showcase™ project.

Not sure if it’s right for you?

No worries…

Schedule a quick 15 minute success call here to see if it’s a fit.

Your Brand...

Get the plan you need to focus your brand, its look, and its messaging on your target customer.

Your Website...

Create a plan for your website that supports your brand's messaging and works with your marketing plan.

Your Marketing...

Build the plan you need to connect with your target customer and dominate you rmarket.

How it works...

Step 1:
Success Call

Simply click on any of the buttons you see and schedule a website success call for a date and time that best fits your schedule.

Step 2:
Talk & Plan

We'll help you create the plan you need to create a brand and website that showcases your expertise and allows you to stand out .

Step 3:
Launch & Win

We'll build the brand and website design that will help you conquer your market and start winning over the competition.

It's not about building a great website design... It's about you.

In our work helping small businesses just like yours, we’ve found most business owners feel they don’t have enough time in the day to pay attention to it all and their brand and website simply falls through the cracks.

They know their brand and website is important but they don’t understand it all and feel overwhelmed when talking to the ‘experts’ about it and are never sure if they are being taken advantage of.

They found that working within our simple process helped them get rid of their unease. They all felt starting with a plan and knowing exactly what it was they need and exactly what it would cost helped them feel like they were back in control of their business. 

It’s complicated out there and you can’t be expected to do it alone. Let us help you as we’ve helped them.

Working with the best service companies...

"They really put their heart into and soul into this and the website turned out amazing. Our previous website was kind of very hit or miss and not as detailed. With the new website Michael and his team did it is something to be proud of."
Mike King
Ray's Siding Company
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"The whole Stafford Technologies team was great to work with! I never felt rushed or pressured and they took so much time to understand what my goals were and how they can help plan and build a website that would support all of my branding and marketing. I could not have asked for a better experience!"
Molly Denham
VEXA Services
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"The discovery process was so incredible. I learned so much about my business and what it would really take to reach my goals. Michael and his team are the best in the business. If you need a new website there is no one I would recommend but Stafford Technologies."
Andrea Sanfiorenzo-Delaney
Sanfio Designs
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