Melody Cratic of XcelMil Executive Coaching

I am very satisfied with Stafford Technologies building my new website and the professionalism their team showed throughout the process. I especially liked the project management dashboard where Stafford Technologies kept me in the loop with what was going on, the progress we were making and keeping track of milestones. That’s how I operate so I appreciated that.

I thought the discovery was really effective and collaborative as well. I also appreciated Stafford Technologies going above and beyond and giving me two discovery meetings instead of the one they advertise to be sure we had all the necessary information to move forward. We were able to work out what I desired, what I liked, and what content I wanted on my website.

I would highly recommend and refer Stafford Technologies to all my colleagues and friends. They delivered on time as promised. Life gets in the way sometimes and they were still able to get me up and running in less than a month. The on-time delivery, the project management, the collaboration throughout the process, the tutorials and walkthroughs all made for a great experience. Thank you to Michael, Patty and the rest of the team at Stafford Technologies.