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Because owning a website should be simple…

Owning a Website Should Be Simple, Right?

Just owning a WordPress website can be challenging nevermind thinking about backups, updates, edits, and more. Even if your site is running great – there is always that little bit of concern. You know. That gnawing feeling that never goes away. Remember, a down website means no leads and no slaes. Who needs that hassle!

What if your website does go down? What do you do? Call your host – you know how that goes. First you have to try to explain what is going on plus you have to do it in broken english so the person on the other side has a shot at understanding you. Plus, the end result is always the same – “We’ll have to submit a ticket. You should get an email from our technician within 48 hours.” 48 HOURS!

Maybe you can open one of those chat windows and ‘chat’ with someone – good luck with that! First you have to wait in qeue for who knows how long then the frustration of trying to communicate with someone who is helping twenty other people at the same time sets in. No, I’d rather stick needles in my eye than deal with that!

Maybe you can handle it on your own. Maybe you can’t. Trying to figure it out and getting it handled can be a recipe for lots of foul language and lots of wasted time.

Owning a WordPress website should be simple, right? It is if you have the right support. That’s where we come in. We do this all day, every day (aren’t we lucky!). We can be your support team and you will never have to worry about your website again. Whether you want fully hosted support or would like support with a website hosted elsewhere, we can put your mind at ease.

It’s complicated out there. Let us handle it. 

Note: Stafford Technologies and Contractor Websites Plus do not charge a fee for setup. However, when websites have not been updated for some time, updates to the outdated WordPress Core, Themes and Plugins can cause interruption in site functionality, performance or up time. If problems do arise, Stafford Technologies bills hourly to address the issues and restore your website. The current billable hours are charged at $125.00 per hour.
Other conditions may apply and are discussed during our Qualification Call.

Who this is for…

  • WordPress website owners
  • Website owners concerned about security
  • Website owners tired of ‘broken’ websites and functionality
  • Website owners too busy to worry about the constant WordPress and plugin updates
  • Website owners who care about the experience of thier site users

Who this is NOT for…

  • Websites not using WordPress
  • Website owners NOT concerned about security
  • Website owners unconcerned about ‘broken’ websites and functionality
  • Website owners with plenty of time to constantly monitor WordPress and plugin updates
  • Website owners who DO NOT care about the experience of thier site users

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