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Website Designs That Work In 6 Easy Steps

The most important part of any website is the strategy. Extraordinary looking websites are easy. Building the right website for the right audience is the hard part.

GREAT! Well how the heck do you do that…?!

We know your frustrations. There is so much good and bad information readily available to you online and it makes knowing what is right for your business almost impossible. We are here to help you see through the clutter. To see the label from outside the bottle. To see the forest for the trees.

Whether you need a website for a new business, or you are in the market for a new website design to freshen the look and feel of an old one, we are here to help.

You will use our proven process that has brought success to our past website and online marketing clients. Our process starts with digital strategy and ends with real measurables you can gauge your success with.

We have plans for the seasoned professional or the beginner and hold your hand throughout your entire project no matter which website plan you choose.

Website Discovery by Stafford Technologies Website DevelopmentStep 1: We create a high level business canvas or a snap shot of your plan. This will guide us throughout your project. 

Marketing Persona for Website DevelopmentStep 2: Next we create your ideal customer persona. After all, none of this matters unless we know who you are talking to and where you can find them.

Website Content by Stafford TechnologiesStep 3: Most of our website design plans include website content but you can provide your own with a little help from us. 

Website Design Services by Stafford TechnologiesStep 4: This is where is all comes together. We marry your strategy, your persona, your content and your website design to produce your new website.

Launching your website with Stafford technologiesStep 5: Your new website is ready to go. Whether you’re hosting it or hosting with us we’ll set up a plan to keep your new website safe and secure. 

Website tracking and marketingStep 6: It’s time to market your new website and start driving traffic. We’ll help you measure the important stuff to ensure your website performs well.

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