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 Let’s Get This Party Started!

We would like to welcome you aboard again!

Our team is excited to begin working with you.

This is a quick email to let you know what happens from here and introduce some of the tools we will be using during your project. It is important that you read this email so you know what to expect and how to communicate with our team effectively.

Tools we use to stay on top of things:

Teamwork – Used for project management.

Staying on track and keeping all lines of communication open is our number one priority during any project. Teamwork allows us to handle both of these critical elements all in one place.

If you are thinking to yourself…oh crap I have to learn another program, why can’t I just call or Facebook message my question. Although phone and Facebook are cool inventions it’s not helpful to the entire team. If you message or call just one person he/she may be out of the office and your request goes unnoticed until later on in the day or even the week.

Keeping it posted in Teamwork allows for messages to be seen and acted upon in a timely manner.

Google Drive – Used for large uploads.

For every new project we create a shared Google Drive folder that integrates with teamwork so we can share images, videos and large files. It’s pretty cool because we can view and edit these files directly through our Teamwork portal.

Calendy – Our Calendar tool.

Using our Calendy link allows you to make an appointment with anyone in our office, outside of our weekly project production meetings. Your project has a unique Calendy link dedicated to you (you can find this link in the link section of Teamwork). It’s nothing fancy or high tech but very useful nonetheless.

Zoom: Our one click Video Conferencing.

We use Zoom to help us stay on track and to discuss issues. There are several times we will use Zoom and probably the most important is our weekly production meeting with you. Each week we will discuss the progress of the project and answer any questions that may arise.

Your project has a designated zoom meeting link (you can find your unique zoom link in the link section of Teamwork). Feel free to share it with anyone on your team

I know what you are thinking…great I still have to get dressed for this weekly meeting. No don’t worry, you don’t have to get out of your pj’s if you don’t want to. You can simply leave the video off or show off those new feety pajamas.

Other Communication Channels: Phone, email and carrier pigeon

There may be times when you feel you need to reach out to us outside of Teamwork. We want to reiterate that Teamwork is the BEST & FASTEST way to get a response but, if you feel it necessary, we are reachable via other forms of communication.

  • Email: We are not real responsive to email as we do have an internal policy to only check email twice daily. Plus, anything you can say in an email can be said on Teamwork just as eloquently. If you are forwarding an email you received from a vendor, a host or any other type of email that may be crucial to the project you can simply copy the body of the email and paste it into Teamwork – it will get seen a lot sooner than email.
  • Phone Calls: As standard operating procedure our phones are considered ‘outbound only’. In fact, no one ever answers the phone before 12:30 PM. Even then it is rare to get a human on the other end – you will generally have to leave a message and hope we see the light flashing on our phones 🙂
  • Carrier Pigeon: To be honest, this would probably be more effective in getting a response. It’s a novel idea and would probably grab our attention a lot faster than email or phone… You can purchase a best of breed pigeon here: http://www.purebredpigeon.com/classifieds.htm

What’s Next?

You may be asking yourself, “Self, what happens next?” Well, the project begins of course.

Our team will be spending the next few days taking an inventory of your current site, determine our goals and milestones and creating the environment where we will be building your new website. No worries, all of this will be outlined in your Teamwork project portal.

You will receive an email message inviting you to the Teamwork project – your first to do is to accept our friendly invitation.

The second to do is to click on the link below to opt in to our email service.


RELAX! we’ve got you covered.

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