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6 Secrets to Building Your Ideal Avatar

Your ideal avatar is the person you most want to do business with. Your ideal avatar or customer persona should be the focus of all your marketing efforts. This includes website copy, Facebook™ Ads, email marketing, etc.

An ideal avatar is a composite of your best customer that has many, if not all, of the characteristics of the best customers you’ve had and lacks many, if not all, of the characteristics of the worst customers you have had.

Your avatar should be very specific and focused. Avoid the mistake of being to vague when building an avatar. In many cases, when asked who they market to, business owners will say “home-owners” or “women”. Imagine how expensive it would be to market to all of the home-owners in the United States never mind how difficult it would be to speak to all the women.

Why is this important? Simple. People do not buy when they understand you but when they feel you understand them. How can you understand them if you do not know who they are? This is why we create ideal avatars, so you can understand who you are selling to and, more importantly, who you want to sell to.

Going through this process will give you the ability to create sales messages that ‘speak’ to your ideal avatar – your marketing bullseye. Stop using a shotgun filled with pellets to find new customers. Use a sniper’s rifle with a high powered scope.

You will save time. You will save money. And, you will improve your bottom line.